2016 Final Race Results

ADULT Race Results

The 2016 Adult Race brought together 375 racers and 72 teams. The Competitive Division posted some great times as well as the Sport Division. Here is a breakdown of the top 3 teams from each Division:


  1. HBO 1: 128.22 total seconds. Brenda Kirwood, Jeff Kirwood, Clay Kirwood, Gregory Graf, Thomas Walsh
  2. Ericsson 2: 140.05 total seconds. Josh Miles, Kaja Michaelson, Craig Stein, Craig Mahonchak, Rob Umstead
  3. NBCU 1: 141.76 total seconds. Fletcher McDonald, Drake Harris, John Fulton, MJ Conners, Jamie Stanton (Thomas Walsh)


  1. Rocket Fuel: 194.25 total seconds. Todd Campbell, Jon Caddell, Kristin Longley, Chris Newey
  2. Deluxe OnDemand 3: 195.36 total seconds. Craig Heiting, Jeff Chen, Keith Nichols, Paul Conway, Evan Strong
  3. Disney & ESPN 1: 198.84 total seconds. Sarah Hiserington, Jim Obermeyer, Gary Schanman, Pete O’Connell, Stephanie Jallen

In addition to the top team results, here is a breakdown of the Fastest Females, Fastest Males and the Top 3 Snowboarders:


  1. Brenda Kirwood, HBO, 26.13 seconds
  2. Dani Brownwell, NBCU, 26.60 seconds
  3. Jill Hansen, Sand Cherry, 30.98 seconds


  1. Clay Kirwood, HBO, 23.58 seconds
  2. Jeff Kirwood, HBO, 24.99 seconds
  3. David MacKay, Adobe, 25.11 seconds


  1. Jason Peters, NBCU, 37.55 seconds
  2. Brian Metzger, Nominum, 38.08 seconds
  3. Craig Mahonchak, Ericsson, 38.32 seconds


Finally, each year we hand out 3 very special awards to the Best Dressed, the Best Crash & the Most Time on Course. Here are this year’s winners:

BEST DRESSED (Bagpiping Scots): CAS Group
BEST CRASH: Anne Marie Hukriede, S&D Marketing | Advertising

For complete race results, click on the link below.



YOUTH Race Results

We had another great turnout this year, as 32 of our youth racers competed in the 2016 race! Each age category showed some incredible times from both the girls and the boys groups.

Here is a breakdown of the top 3 times within each age category:

  1. Maddie McKnight, 40.88 seconds
  2. Susana Piro, 43.44 seconds
  3. Alena Tolle, 01:15.3 seconds

7-10: GIRLS

  1. Megan Kingston, 44.32 seconds
  2. Bella Tolle, 45.28 seconds
  3. Cambrie Mahonchak, 46.40 seconds

11-16: GIRLS

  1. Estelle Fienberg, 35.16 seconds
  2. Kaitlin Zingler, 40.74 seconds
  3. Kennedy Kingston, 42.56 seconds


  1. N/A

7-10: BOYS

  1. Bennett Jardine, 35.54 seconds
  2. Caden Mahonchak, 36.55 seconds
  3. Max Fienberg, 39.32 seconds

11-16: BOYS

  1. Rory Bartlett, 37.32 seconds
  2. Will Biancarelli, 41.52 seconds
  3. Ethan Graham, 42.34 seconds


Meet your Sponsored Athlete for Adaptive Spirit 2016!



While we continue over the course of the weekend to provide great networking activities that allow you to reconnect with your peers, we also want to give you the chance to get to know some of the extraordinary recipients of our fundraising efforts.

We have paired each of the 2016 Sponsor companies with a member of the U.S. Paralympics Ski and Snowboard Team, giving you the opportunity to learn more about one of these amazing athletes. We highly encourage you to invite them to go skiing and/or out to dinner one evening, as they would love the chance to get to know you as well. If you are racing, they are going to be your secret weapon on race day! Please note: with so many amazing Sponsors racing this year, we had to pair some of the athletes with multiple companies.

Take a look at the pairing list below to see which athlete your sponsor company is paired with!


Cisco (Tyler Walker)

Cox (Mike Shea)

Disney and ESPN Media Networks (Stephanie Jallen)

Ericsson (Danelle Umstead)

HBO (Thomas Walsh)

Huawei Technologies (Heidi Jo Duce)

NBCUniversal (Jamie Stanton)

Netcracker (Andrew Kurka)

NFL Network (Mike Schultz)


Bright House Networks (Josh Elliott)

Deluxe OnDemand (Evan Strong)

EYEMG (Sandy Dukat)

Fujitsu Network Communications (Chris Devlin-Young)

Humax USA (Mary Riddell)

Nominum (Laurie Stephens)

S&D Marketing | Advertising (Monte Meier)

Visible World (Oksana Masters)

Vubiquity (Jasmin Bambur)


ARRIS (Kevin Burton)

Assurant Solutions (Michael Minor)

Concurrent (Ralph Green)

FCB Chicago (Jennifer Stedman)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (George Sansonetis)

Horowitz Research (Mark Bathum)

NetScout Systems, Inc. (Andy Soule)

Neustar Inc. (Monica Bascio)

Nokia (Keith Gabel)

Samsung (Brad Alire)

SeaChange International (Jon Lujan)

Sigma Systems (Chris Waddell)

Technicolor (Mark Urich)

TiVo (Sean Halsted)


ADB (Ben Black)

Adobe (Travis McLain)

Alticast (Mary Riddell)

Amdocs (Tony McAllister)

CAS Group (Melanie Schwartz)

Charter (Kelley Fox)

Ciena (Victor Beckman)

Clearleap (Mark Kelly)

CSG International (Bob Meserve)

Dun & Bradstreet (Eileen Carey)

Espial (Miah Wheeler)

Fox Networks (Sean Halsted)

Hitron Americas (Kevin Jardine)

ID Media (Eileen Carey)

iN DEMAND (Bob Meserve)

Infinera (Kelley Fox)

IntegraOptics (Miah Wheeler)

IWCO Direct (Stephen Lawler)

Myhren Media (Bryan Price)

NESN (Jessica Smith)

ONE World Sports (John Farra)

Oracle Marketing Cloud (Ben Black)

Rocket Fuel (Chris Newey)

ROOT SPORTS (Nicole Roundy)

Ruckus Wireless (Tony McAllister)

Sagemcom (Victor Beckman)

Sand Cherry Associates (Dave Mark)

Stingray (Mark Kelly)

Univision (Kevin Jardine)

Adaptive Spirit celebrates the KIDS too!


Header 1

Planning to bring your family up to Vail, Colorado for Adaptive Spirit 2016? Make sure you check out all the kids-only information below! We have several great activities planned, making this an unforgettable weekend for the entire family.


1:30-3:30 PM


Black Forest Race Arena | Vail Mountain

Kids 14 and younger are eligible to race along with their peers and the U.S. Paralympics Ski and Snowboard Team athletes. The athletes are available for pointers and encouragement. Kids are guaranteed to have fun on this youth racecourse!

Sponsored by Ciena

5:00-9:30 PM


Cascade Ballroom Foyer | Vail Cascade Resort

Check in at the Cascade Ballroom Foyer at 5:00 PM for a no-parents-allowed night out. The evening includes dinner, a DJ, games and much more. Parents need to complete registration and liability-release forms in advance. Shuttle transportation leaves promptly at 5:15 PM.

Sponsored by Douglas Craver & Anna Jones-Craver

6:00-10:00 PM


Centennial Ballroom | Vail Cascade Resort

Kids enjoy Friday night at the movies while their parents are on the town. Two movies and kid-friendly food give them something fun to do on Friday night. All ages welcome at this chaperoned event. Parents must complete registration and liability-release forms. Children five and under must be accompanied by an adult. This year, we will have two movies showing in two rooms. We will show Minions and The Peanuts Movie for kids eight and under. Pan and Goosebumps will screen for youth ages nine and older.

Sponsored by iN DEMAND


6:00-10:00 PM


Centennial Ballroom | Vail Cascade Resort

Kids can party on Saturday, too! From 6:00 to 10:00 PM, the folks at Disney and ESPN Media Networks create an unforgettable night filled with network characters, games, dinner and activities. All ages are welcome. Parents must complete registration and liability-release forms. Children five and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Disney Ad -  Kids Night Out

Sponsored by Disney and ESPN Media Networks


2016 Registration is OPEN!



Adaptive Spirit is on track to once again execute the best networking event in the telecommunications industry. Sharing best industry practices at our high-level educational panels has continued to help this event grow, attracting an impressive list of industry VIPs and sponsor companies. Join us April 7-10 in Vail, CO when we connect Adaptive Spirit members with vendors and resources, building relationships and business ventures that will last a lifetime.

Our industry’s commitment to supporting the adaptive athletes of the U.S. Paralympic National Ski and Snowboard Team is another benefit to attending. As we help build this team, they continue to change our lives by reminding us of the importance of tenacity and working hard to meet individual group goals.

Look for Adaptive Spirit to create more value for your business and new ways to generate success by registering for the event today.


We hope you will join us in Vail!


Adaptive Spirit Headquarters

2329 West Main Street, Suite 207

Littleton, CO 80120

Main Number: 303-797-9507

E-mail: contactus@adaptivespirit.com

What is the Annual Event (aka SkiTAM)?

SkiTAM is the annual networking and educational event hosted by Adaptive Spirit. This three-day event brings together cable industry executives and their families from all over the country and is widely recognized as one of the industry’s top-ranked networking opportunities. Thanks to industry support, this annual event brings Adaptive Spirit members together to build up the telecommunications business. All funds remaining after expenses are paid are donated to a charitable organization. Once again, Adaptive Spirit chose the U.S. Paralympic National Ski and Snowboard Team as the recipient of the majority of those funds in 2015. The 20th Anniversary Event broke all records with 1,215 registrants and 157 industry companies represented. Another record was broken when all of the sponsor packages sold out by December 15. This is the earliest sell out in history! We also hosted a record number of team alumni, many of which were on the team during the first few years of SkiTAM.


Welcome to Adaptive Spirit’s 20th Anniversary!



Once you arrive in Vail, be sure to stop by the registration tables at Adaptive Spirit’s headquarters to pick up your event credentials, information packets and lift tickets. Take a look at some of the important registration information below, or contact us with any questions you have prior to the event!

  • Event liability release forms must be signed by every adult attending the event.
  • Everyone, including children of all ages and chaperones, must have a credential to attend Adaptive Spirit. If a credential has not been purchased prior to the event, you may purchase one at Adaptive Spirit HQ during the registration hours below.
  • All changes to registration need to be done on-site at Adaptive Spirit HQ. We cannot do changes over the phone. There is a $25 fee for all new or changed credentials.
  • All purchases at Adaptive Spirit (such as lift tickets, credentials or merchandise) must be paid for on-site. Checks, Cash, Visa, MasterCard or American Express are all accepted forms of payment.

Adaptive Spirit’s Headquarters and Registration Hours
Wednesday: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am – 10:00 am

HQ Refreshments provided by the Platinum Sponsors


Spring weather in the Rocky Mountains has been great for skiing this year. However, spring weather is unpredictable at best. The highs can range from 30-50 degrees, with nighttime temperatures dropping into the high 20s and 30s. It may be sunny, snowing, raining, hailing or all of the above. With that being said, make sure you check the weather forecast online before the event! The best solution for variable Rocky Mountain weather is to bring items you can put on in layers, and peel off as the day warms up.

We like to call the proper dress for Adaptive Spirit’s 20th Anniversary Event, “Mountain Casual.” Denims are welcome at all events, no coats or ties needed for the gentlemen. Ladies – leave the high heels at home. Pants, skirts, dresses are your choice. Banquet night, everyone does like to spruce it up a bit – mountain style of course!


Not a skier? Foodie is a more apt description of you? Vail Valley Food Tours is new in Vail and offers guests a unique foodie experience. They visit select restaurants and shops that best represent the Colorado-inspired cuisine and local flare. The Food Tours folks will be at Event HQ Thursday afternoon and you can sign up for a tour at that time. You can also sign up any time online. With all of the fun activities in town, why not make eating an adventure as well?


Airport Shuttle Information

Since a car is not needed in Vail, you may prefer a shuttle service from the airport. We recommend Colorado Mountain Express (CME). CME shuttles leave from DEN and EGE airports. We have arranged one-way fares with CME of $75 from DEN and $44 from EGE. These rates include a fuel surcharge but do not include driver gratuity. For more information and reservations, please call 1-800-525-6363. You must mention Adaptive Spirit or SkiTAM to get these special rates.

If you are interested in a more personal, upgraded airport shuttle service, we recommend Everything Executive.

  • One-way rates: Sedan (maximum 3 passengers) $275 + gratuity / SUV (maximum 6 passengers) $400 + gratuity
  • Round trip rates: Sedan (maximum 3 passengers) $525 + gratuity / SUV (maximum 6 passengers) $750 + gratuity

In order to book, please send an email to guests@everything-executive.com and don’t forget to use “Adaptive Spirit 2015” to get the promotional rate!

When traveling to Vail this week, PLEASE NOTE!

CDOT began work on the Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnels. Only one tunnel will be open Sunday to Thursday from 10pm to 6am. Traffic will be held for up while pilot cars lead traffic in alternating directions through the open tunnel. Allow for a 20-30 minute delay. US 6/Loveland Pass can be used as an alternate route. For updates on traffic throughout the weekend, please visit cotrip.org.



Adaptive Spirit is not only one of the best networking events in the industry, but it’s also a chance to get to know the extraordinary recipients of our fundraising efforts. To help you join in our excitement, we have paired each of the 2015 Sponsor companies with a member of the U.S. National Paralympic Ski and Snowboard Team.

We would love to give you the opportunity to learn more about the athlete you are paired with, and highly encourage you to invite them skiing and/or to dinner one evening, as they would love to get a chance to know you as well. If you are racing, they are going to be your secret weapon on race day. Take a look at the pairing list below to see which athlete your sponsor company is paired with this year!


ARRIS Evan Strong (Snowboard)
Cisco Mike Shea (Snowboard)
Cox Ralph Green (Alpine)
Disney ESPN Media Networks Stephanie Jallen (Alpine)
Ericsson Danelle & Rob Umstead (Alpine)
HBO Stephani Victor (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
NBCUniversal Jamie Stanton (Alpine)
NetCracker Technology Andrew Kurka (Alpine)


Bright House Networks Sarah Will (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
Deluxe OnDemand Keith Gabel (Snowboard)
EYEMG Andy Soule (Nordic)
Humax USA Inc. Jon Lujan (Alpine)
ION Media Networks Jasmin Bambur (Alpine)
PM3 Omar Bermejo (Nordic)
S&D Marketing | Advertising Clay Fox (Team Alumnus – Alpine)


Alcatel-Lucent Nick Catanzarite (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
AMDOCS Alana Nichols (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
CANOE Luke Byers (Alpine Staff)
FCB Chicago Monte Meier (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
Fujitsu Network Communications Chris Devlin-Young (Alpine)
Hewlett-Packard Mark Bathum (Alpine)
Horowitz Research Beth Requist (Nordic)
Huawei Technologies Jason Lalla (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
IgnitionOne No Attendees
Neustar Brenna Huckaby (Snowboard)
Rocket Fuel Ralph Green (Alpine)
Samsung Laurie Stephens (Alpine)
SeaChange International Mary Riddell (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
Stingray Tyler Walker (Alpine)
Technicolor Fatu Matagi (Snowboard)
Vubiquity Oksana Masters (Nordic)


ADB Kevin Burton (Team Alumnus – Nordic)
AMC Networks Jessica Smith (Team Manager)
BullsEye Marketing Systems John Farra (High Performance Director)
CAS Group Melanie Schwartz (Alpine)
Charter Attendees w/ other Sponsors
Ciena Jason Kask (Nordic Staff)
Clearleap Dave Mark (Nordic Staff)
CSG International Candace Cable (Team Alumnus – Nordic)
Dun & Bradstreet Brad Alire (Alpine Coach)
Facebook Miah Wheeler (Snowboard Coach)
Fox Networks Eileen Carey (Nordic Staff)
ID Media Jacob Rife (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
iN DEMAND Nicole Roundy (Snowboard)
IntegraOptics Monica Bascio (Team Alumnus – Nordic)
IWCO Direct Travis McClain (Snowboard Coach)
Myhren Media Dan Kosick (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
New England Sports Network Bob Meserve (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
NFL Network Mike Schultz (Snowboard)
Nominum Matt Perkins (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
ONE World Sports Augusto Perez (Nordic)
Pace Americas Chris Waddell (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
ROOT SPORTS Heidi Jo Duce (Snowboard)
Sand Cherry Associates Jennifer Zanca (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
Scripps Networks Interactive Bryan Price (Nordic)
ThinkAnalytics Kelley Fox (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
TiVo George Sansonetis (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
Turner Broadcasting System No Attendees
Univision Kevin Jardine (High Performance Director)
Visible World Muffy Davis (Team Alumnus – Alpine)
The Weather Company No Attendees


U.S. Paralympic Ski & Snowboard Team News

Go Team USA—as the season comes toward a close, the U.S. Paralympic Ski and Snowboard teams continue to shine in competition. The Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard teams are headed out from an impressive run at their respective IPC World Cup Finals and into the U.S. National Championships. By the time they reach Vail, they are sure to have added even more hardware to the collection. The U.S. Paralympic Alpine Team went into Panorama B.C. with big expectations, and they didn’t disappoint, closing the competition with three silver and four bronze medals. The team was led by veteran members Danelle and Rob Umstead, with three of those medals in the women’s visually impaired class, including a first-ever medal in downhill. In the perseverance category, Andrew Kurka captured a bronze medal in the super G sitting race, just three months after breaking a femur in a skiing accident. The medal count was rounded out by Laurie Stephens (super G sitting), Mark Bathum and his guide Cade Yamamoto (downhill visually impaired), and Stephanie Jallen (giant-slalom standing).

Skiers on the Nordic team entered the finals in Surnadal, Norway, with momentum on their side. Right out of the gate (literally), Oksana Masters captured gold in the 12k sit-ski race. Oksana took the race away from hometown favorite Mariann Marthisen, who had won the same race at a World Cup event in Japan just three weeks earlier. And the men finished with a silver medal by Dan Cnossen in the biathlon. Rounding out the season a big congratulations to Oksana and Andy for overall World Cup title wins!

Our U.S. Paralympic Snowboard team left La Molina, Spain, with an impressive nine medals— the most of any country. The team highlights included a 1-2 finish from Mike Shea and Evan Strong. Teammates Brenna Huckaby and Nicole Roundy were not to be outdone, finishing second and third respectively. The wins were rounded out by Heidi Jo Duce taking home a bronze. Let’s welcome them across the finish line of an amazing 2015 run with a resounding round of applause.

Bring on 2016—we’ll be watching!


The best cable networking event celebrates the KIDS too!

email photo

If you plan on bringing your family up to Vail, CO for the 20th Anniversary, make sure you check-out all of the kids’ only information! We have several great activities planned, making this an unforgettable weekend for the entire family!


1:30-3:30 pm

YOUTH RACE Black Forest Race Arena, Vail Mountain

Sponsored by Contec

Kids up to age 15 are eligible to compete in this youth race! Prizes will be awarded to boys and girls in three different age categories based on their individual times. Members of the U.S. National Paralympic Ski and Snowboard Team will be there to offer best advice and words of encouragement.

6-10 pm

KIDS’ FILM FEST Cascade Ballroom, Vail Cascade Resort

Sponsored by iN DEMAND

Kids enjoy Friday night at the movies, while their parents are out on the town. Two movies, kid-friendly food and chaperones give them something fun to do on a Friday night. All ages welcome. Parents must complete registration and liability-release forms. Children five and under must be accompanied by an adult. This year, we will have two movies showing in two rooms. We will show Big Hero 6 and Disney’s Bears for kids ages 8 and under. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD Day and Into the Woods will be presented for youth ages 9 and older.

5-9 pm

TEEN SPIRIT Rocky Mountain Ballroom Foyer, Check-In at 5 pm

Sponsored by Douglas Craver & Anna Jones

This “no-parents allowed night out” will include dinner, a DJ, entertainment games and a “selfie” station. Parents need to complete registration and liability release forms in advance. Check-in at 5pm, shuttles leave promptly at 5:15 pm.


2-2:30 pm


Sponsored by Ericsson

What does it take to race in a sit-ski, stay vertical in a mono-ski or go downhill without seeing? Join us for this unique peek into what it takes to balance and move at lightning speeds. The sit-ski challenge and mono-ski will be at the bottom of the racecourse. The visually impaired challenge will be next to it at Gopher Hill. Both locations are at Golden Peak.

2-3 pm

TUBING HILL Adventure Ridge, Vail Mountain

Sponsored by Periscope

Come join us for this fun tubing experience. If you have a young, fun-loving heart – and can sit in an inner tube – then this is the perfect event for you and your family!

6-10 pm

DISNEY KIDS’ PARTY Centennial Ballroom, Vail Cascade Resort

Sponsored by Disney and ESPN Media Networks

Let your kids have a party too! During the Awards Banquet on Saturday night, Disney will be sponsoring an event for the kids. Don’t let them miss out on an unforgettable night with games and activities. Pre-register for this event at the registration site to fill out liability release forms. Children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Adaptive Spirit 2015 FINAL

For a full list of events, visit us online. We look forward to seeing you all at the 20th Anniversary!